PokerStars MI Players Win About $1.79 Million in MICOOP Series

“WadeDavenport” wins Main Event and $31,014.58 in prize money while “Meatballs9000” won four MICOOP events in total.
PokerStars MI Players Win About $1.79 Million in MICOOP Series
September 29, 2021

More than 18,000 poker players in Michigan participated in the Championship of Online Poker (COOP) series that PokerStars MI put on this month, with about $1.79 million in prizes going to the winners.

PokerStars ran three series in tandem in the three states where it operates: Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Collectively, the MICOOP, NJCOOP and PACOOP series attracted more than 54,000 entries and awarded more than $5.27 million in prizes.

While players in Pennsylvania took home more prize money than their counterparts in Michigan, players in the Great Lakes State brought home more winnings than players in New Jersey. PACOOP awarded more than $2.38 million while NJCOOP gave out more than $1.1 million to the winners.

MICOOP, which included 68 events, had 18,636 entries and awarded $1,787,502.10 in prize money. There were 1,225 entries for the first event of the series—the No Limit Hold’em (NLHE) on September 10 with a $10 buy-in and $10,000 guaranteed—which also made it the most popular event of the series. “1BullSpartan” won $1,749.47 at the event.

The biggest prize pool was at MICOOP’s Main Event on September 26, where 632 entrants competed for $176,960. The NLHE event originally had $150,000 guaranteed with a $300 buy-in. “WadeDavenport” was the winner and took home $31,014.58 in prize money and an MICOOP championship trophy, one of seven that were awarded throughout the series.

The $31,014.58 won by “WadeDavenport” was also the largest money prize of the series.

Although MICOOP awarded seven trophies, they only went to six players. That’s because one player, “Corgasm231,” won two of the trophy events: the $250 NLHE Progressive KO Thursday Thrill with a $40,000 guaranteed prize pool on September 23, and the $1,000 NLHE 8-Max High Roller with $60,000 guaranteed on September 26. The player won $9,793.43 and $17,645.75 at the two events, respectively.

The other four trophy winners were “Pillzebub,” who won $9,344.76 at the $100 NLHE 8-Max Big Kickoff with $50,000 guaranteed on September 11; “PimpMyBalance,” who took home $9,071.51 from the $250 NLHE 6-Max event with $30,000 guaranteed on September 15; “TWOsl0w4u,” winner of $6,332.78 at the $250 PLO 6-Max High Roller with $15,000 guaranteed on September 18; and “Meatballs9000,” who won $3,765.48 at the $200 8-Game event on September 27 that had $15,000 guaranteed.

“Meatballs9000” won four MICOOP events in total, including the last two on the last day of the series. Meanwhile “Corgasm 231” and another player, “BishPlz94,” each won three MICOOP events. Seven players, including Main Event champion “WadeDavenport,” each won two MICOOP events.

Nine of the 68 MICOOP events had overlays. These were:

  • Event #6, Sept. 11: $500 NLHE 8-Max Progressive KO High Roller with $40,000 guaranteed (gtd);
  • Event #9, Sept. 12: $100 HORSE 6-Max, $6,000 gtd;
  • Event #10, Sept. 12: $100 NLHE Sunday Special, $75,000 gtd;
  • Event #19, Sept. 14: $100 Fixed Limit Hold’em (FLHE) 6-Max, $5,000 gtd;
  • Event #31, Sept. 18: $100 Stud Hi/Lo 6-Max, $6,500 gtd;
  • Event #37, Sept. 19: $200 NLHE Sunday Special SE, $90,000 gtd;
  • Event #41, Sept. 20: $100 NLHE 6-Max Progressive KO Nightly Stars SE, Battle Royale Edition, $25,000 gtd;
  • Event #55, Sept. 25: $75 NLHE Afternoon Bigstack, $15,000 gtd; and
  • Event #58, Sept. 25: $100 5-Card PLO 6-Max, $8,500 gtd.

A tenth MICOOP event, the $50 Stud 6-Max with $3,000 guaranteed, wound up with a $3,003 prize pool.

COOP Series Final Totals

Series Entries Prize Pool
MICOOP 18,636 $1,787,502.10
NJCOOP 10,598 $1,105,230.80
PACOOP 25,596 $2,378,151.65
TOTAL 54,830 $5,270,884.55
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