DraftKings Sportsbook to Offer Progressive Parlays in Michigan

The new sports betting type will allow bettors to place multi-legged parlays across sports and markets and score wins even when the parlay is only partially successful.
DraftKings Sportsbook to Offer Progressive Parlays in Michigan
November 22, 2023

DraftKings has been at the very forefront of innovation in the US gaming markets, and the operator has just come up with a brand new innovation it will be introducing in the Michigan market called “progressive parlay.”

Progressive parlay bets will soon be added into DraftKings sportsbook in Michigan, and will allow bettors to make multi-leg bets that can win even if one or more of the legs don’t actually win.

This new betting type will be completely unique in the US betting markets, and the operator has launched a video showcasing the product ahead of its launch and explaining the mechanics of this extremely fun way to to bet at US sportsbook apps.

Progressive parlays will be available at DraftKings MI very soon, so make sure to sing up for your own DraftKings account in time and don’t miss out on all the opportunities it presents.

How Will Progressive Parlays Work?

Each progressive parlay bet you make will work similarly to a regular parlay bet, with one exception; you won’t have to win every leg of your parlay to win your overall bet.

The most important things to keep in mind when placing a progressive parlay bet include:

  • Between three and 12 legs per parlay
  • One or more sports matches combined
  • Different betting markets can be combined

According to DraftKings’ early preview video, you will be able to include between three and 12 different legs in a progressive parlay bet, and you will be able to combine different markets, such as totals, moneylines, and prop bets across a variety of sports on the same parlay.

On a typical parlay, you would have to win every leg in order to win your parlay. On a progressive parlay, losing some legs will still be good enough for a payout.

For instance, if you place a 5-legged progressive parlay, and only win four of the five legs, you will still win money despite losing the fifth leg.

Of course, don’t expect a full payout if you miss some legs, but also know that your near-misses will now be wins. Instead of +1500, you may just win at +500, but every win counts and is much better than a loss.

With progressive parlays, online sports betting is about to become that much more fun for players in Michigan, and each new week of sports will present plenty of opportunities to build some exciting parlays that have a real chance of being winners.

New Product Launch May Cause Scrutiny

At this time, no betting operator in the US offers a product like progressive parlays, which is why this new betting type may come under some scrutiny from regulators.

It is not completely clear how Michigan Gaming Control Board will treat these new bets and whether or not DraftKings has taken care of all regulatory problems related to it, but we can expect that by the time the product is launched, all regulatory questions are answered.

For now, it seems that DraftKings is very certain of its new product and the new way of betting on sports should become available in Michigan very shortly.

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