PokerStars MI to Combine with NJ: 5 Things to Know

Multi-state poker is finally set to expand, with PokerStars taking a big step towards connecting its New Jersey & Michigan pools. Here are five things to know.
Combined flags of New Jersey and Michigan, to represent the combining of PokerStars' Michigan and New Jersey player pools into one PokerStars US Network.
December 12, 2022

PokerStars, one of the world’s leading online poker operators, has finally confirmed its long-awaited plan to combine its online poker rooms in Michigan and New Jersey into a true PokerStars US Network.

On December 12, both sites will go offline for a maintenance period expected to last 48 hours, pokerfuse reported late last week, a necessary step towards connecting the two sites.

When the sites come back online, they will still be distinct. However, if the migration goes well, it paves the way for their combination. This step, expected to take place in the coming weeks, will create a shared liquidity PokerStars US network for players in both states.

Here are five key takeaways from the announcement.

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Finally, more shared liquidity is coming to the US online poker market

Shared liquidity is a system that allows online poker operators in different states to pool their players together across state lines into one combined network. This creates larger prize pools and a wider variety of games for players, making the online poker experience more exciting and rewarding.

The launch of the combined PokerStars Michigan and New Jersey poker rooms marks the first official confirmation by any operator since Michigan joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) in May.

PokerStars US will be only the second operator, after WSOP, to take advantage of the MSIGA and the first to involve Michigan.

PokerStars is positioning itself as a market leader in the US

PokerStars has a strong presence in both Michigan and New Jersey, with a significant market share in both states. The operator hopes that the launch of the combined poker room will allow it to capitalize on this presence and establish itself as a market leader in the US online poker industry.

The move is part of PokerStars’ broader strategy to expand its presence in the US, where it is facing increasing competition from other operators.

While other operators are also looking to combine their networks, it appears that PokerStars will be the first out of the gates.

The combined MI-NJ poker network will transform the online poker experience for PokerStars players

For players in Michigan and New Jersey, the launch of the combined MI-NJ poker network will mean more games, bigger prize pools, and a wider variety of tournaments to compete in.

Players can compete against each other, regardless of which state they are located in. The shared liquidity network is expected to boost the online poker industry by attracting more players and increasing competition.

The effect will be particularly pronounced for those in New Jersey because the PokerStars site has shrunk in recent years. Today, it averages around 70 to 80 concurrent players, the smallest network in the state. After it is combined with Michigan, this will more than triple in size.

The launch of the combined MI-NJ poker network is a significant step forward for the US online poker industry

The launch of the combined MI-NJ poker network is one of the most important developments for the US online poker industry, which has struggled in recent years due to a lack of liquidity.

It is hoped that this will be just the first step in a domino effect of more operators and more states taking advantage of the multi-state online poker compact. BetMGM is expected to follow suit, connecting its NJ and MI player pools. WSOP will also look to expand its network, adding Michigan to the existing NJ-NV-DE network.

Other states should also look on with interest. Pennsylvania could also join MSIGA, which would be another massive boost to real money US online poker. It also sets a precedent for new potential US online poker states, from West Virginia to llinois.

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The launch date for the combined poker room is not yet confirmed

PokerStars has not yet confirmed a launch date for the combined poker room. However, it said that a planned server maintenance update, which will take place from 12-13 December, is a “necessary milestone” toward launching the new shared liquidity network.

The actual merger is expected to occur after the holiday period, though this is contingent on how successful the migration goes. We hope to have more details and a more precise timeline soon, so stay tuned!

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